This tutorial shows how to start Drakensang Online bot.


Step 1:

Download zip from the download link.


Step 2:

Extract zip at your local disk.


Step 3:

Disable UAC if you’re using Windows Vista/7/8.

More reference information:


Step 4:

Run DsoBot.exe with administrator privilege.


Step 5 (Optional) :

If you see this kind of error message :


Please download and install .net framework 4.0 from Microsoft website:

After installation, please restart your computer.

Or if you’ve installed .Net framework 4.0 but still get this error, please reference this page:


Step 6:

Start game, login and enter town, start DsoBot.exe, click [Create New Task] button.

Then click [Normal] button.

Step 7:

Select your character’s class, set it the same as your game character.

    Select game language, set it the same as your game client.


Step 8:

Select your character’s start town and grinding map. Usually select grinding map nearby the town. [n]([1],[2],[3],…) at the map name’s left side is the distance between town and the map.

Step 9:

According to grinding settings, set the same skills in the game. Please do not change it if you don’t know how to set up [More Grinding Settings].


Step 10:

Input your forum account name and password, you can click [Register New Account] to get a new one if you don’t have it.

Enter the task name then save it.


Step 11:

Now Click [Start Task] button, bot will start immediately !